पत्रकार दीपक शर्मा ने किया मोदी सरकार के कद्दावर मंत्री अरुण जेटली का भंडाफोड़


Deepak Sharma : क्या कोई दरोगा अपने ही घर के घोटाले की जांच कर सकता है. क्या सरकार का कोई मंत्री अपनी ही कम्पनी के घपले की जांच अपने ही मंत्रालय से करवा सकता है. अगर नहीं करवा सकता तो कारपोरेट मंत्री अरुण जेटली DDCA के करोड़ों रूपए के घपले की जांच अपने मंत्रालय से कैसे करा सकते है. उस DDCA की जिसके मुख्य सरंक्षक वो खुद हैं. क्या यही सरकार की साख है. सरकार नहीं खाला का घर है, जो मन होगा करेंगे. किसी का भी डर नहीं. कोई लिखेगा नही क्यूंकि आप सूचना मंत्री भी हैं और बड़े-बड़े पत्रकार और मीडिया मालिक आपसे डरते हैं? जेटली साहब करिए ….इन दस्तावेजों का खंडन करिए.

Governance at its best ! Jaitley investigates Jaitley

May 01


New Delhi: Can a government official conduct an independent investigation against his own Minister? Documents in possession of India Samvad reveal a similar story which raises serious conflict of interests of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The conflict becomes more serious as Arun Jaitley is perceived to be the most powerful minister in India after Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Documents reveal that Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is investigating a case under Companies Act against Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA). Mr Arun Jaitley is the Minister of Corporate Affairs as well as the Patron in chief of DDCA. In other words Mr Jaitley faces a serious conflict of interest as he heads both, MCA the investigation agency as well the accused party in this case DDCA. Now what could be the outcome of this enquiry into alleged multi-crore irregularities case in DDCA can be anyone’s guess ? Matters of corruption relating to DDCA have been making news headlines.

On 4th of April 2015, Registrar of Companies (MCA) of NCT Delhi served notice to DDCA under section 206(5) of the Companies Act. The Registrar appointed three assistant ROCs ( Aatma Shah, Arvind Kumar Bunkar and Dr Afsar Ali) to conduct the probe. The Registrar ordered DDCA that investigation will be conducted from April 21 onwards. In its order ROC made it clear to DDCA that if its officials failed to produce relevant books and documents than they would be liable for punishment.

The present enquiry of MCA against DDCA has raised many eyebrows within the government. Officials of the Ministry were of the view that it is first of its kind situation. “ The ROC seems under the pressure of MCA Secretary as Jaitley heads the DDCA which in this case is an accused party. It is clear conflict of interests,” said an IAS officer handling important post in the Ministry. On the other hand DDCA office bearers are not bothered about the probe as they are confident that because of Jaitley’s influence MCA would not be able to find any faults with the cricket association.

Surprisingly when ROC sought government’s approval to probe into DDCA irregularities under section 206(5) of the Companies Act , the go ahead was promptly given. On 27th March 2015 Assistant Director of MCA Anshu Tandon instructed Regional Director North Region (MCA) to conduct probe against DDCA. The letter said that ROC may be directed to examine payment of Rs 5 crore made to Kaushik Build Cast and others. The order further allowed ROC to conduct inspection of three companies ;
1) Vidhan Infrastructure Private Limited.
2) Maple Infra Reality Private Limited and
3) Ram Tradecom Private Limited .

These companies were made series of payments by DDCA relating to construction and other works. The MCA directed ROC to complete probe and submit report within three months. India Samvad tried calling DDCA but no response was made by their officials. India Sasmvad would yet welcome DDCA’s version of the story.


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